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The curious manager opened her Web browser, punched a few keystrokes, and surfed to her state’s Megan’s Law Website.

She typed in her employee’s name and was presented with an unflattering mug shot of her employee along with a page of general information about his prior conviction.

Being a manager may not be an easy role to fulfill, especially for new managers.

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Megan’s Law “Megan's Law” is the common term used to refer to the collection of state laws that require law enforcement authorities to identify sex offenders to the public, largely via the Internet.Employers also must train managers to effectively interview job candidates and to conduct background checks.By making sure these practices are carried out, employers can identify applicants whose criminal history potentially may serve as a legitimate basis for rejection.Staring back at her from the paper was the face of one of her administrative employees, a man who delivered mail, made photocopies, and generally helped around the office.According to the Web page, the employee had a conviction from a few years back for indecent assault.

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