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Skype’s most recent blog post on the subject of spam explains to users how to block spammers who try to contact them.But that’s only really effective against that specific spammer.So don’t shy away from trying, and, if you really do truly fall in love, then you can book a plane ticket and spend some real time together and gauge your face to face chemistry. All of us are familiar with email-based spam, and more and more people are becoming used to receiving spam via social networks too, but it’s also possible to receive spam via other routes too.I find it hard to believe that Skype Contact Request spam is as effective as other mechanisms of spamming.Most Skype users would likely ignore the message, and wouldn’t be likely to cut-and-paste the link into their browser – but maybe the more curious (or should I say “randy”? However, it’s still a nuisance and it’s no surprise that Skype users would want to see less of this stuff.

You can learn a lot about a person why how he or she handles a hot glue gun or a losing streak in Monopoly.

If you have Facetime or Skype on your phone, go see a psychic or fortune teller to learn about your future!

Take it with a grain of salt and treat it like a fun shared experience, not a prescription for your lives together.

However, it's important to remember that it's not that LDRs are weaker than those that aren't long-distance; in fact, a study published by the Journal of Communication showed that people in long-distance relationships often feel emotionally closer than other couples. For most of these long-distance date ideas, you can take your partner along via web chat on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Technology, in LDRs, can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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