My boyfriend still has a dating profile

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You could broach the matter with a casual question like “so who did you meet at the nightclub last Friday?

” Or some light-hearted ribbing like, “what do you tell your friends about us? Better still find an easy way to broach the matter of your partner’s still active dating profile.

You have not talked about it Even if you and your partner share the same life goals and feelings for each other, do not assume that these are enough to decide in favor of an exclusive relationship.

A clear discussion on the issue is much more preferable if you don’t want to set yourself for disappointment later.

From your question, I can tell that you two were together in the past.

He wants to expand his options However if your boyfriend wants to alter the status of your relationship from exclusive to casual, it may signal a significant change of heart in him.And from there go on to explore whether you both are emotionally ready to embark into exclusive dating.The whole idea of a talk is simply to ensure that you both understand each other correctly, that you are on the same page as it were.Unfortunately there is no common rule about dating for a certain length of time before calling it a ‘relationship’ – partners simply evolve into an exclusive dating relationship when they feel ‘right’ about each other.Sometimes this could take the form of realizing that you are compatible on emotional or lifestyle grounds, missing him/her even when you are out with someone else or getting your hackles up with your partner’s ex is on the horizon.

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