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However that's probably a problem with the pc or the router, not the modem (no settings for any of that). how can I access my pc when directly connected to it now.

Thank you SG for providing the ip config address too, looked all over for that. I did it before by using my ip address, now I have two ips to get through. And since you admit you work for CC I figured I would spare myself the embarrassment of asking my boss whats up with dat.

Giving people cable modems that have faults should be given new modems the second a problem comes about.Now I'm kinda puzzled as to why the phone tech did not know about the firmware it does not surprise me that the sup did not know what it was.Supervisors are usually hired for their ability to manage people, not based on their equipment knowledge.There is usually a checkbox or a button to enable this access.The information on this page should also tell you what port to use.

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