Most intimidating tattoos

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The notorious gunslinger of the American Old West left behind a trail of legendary stories — both factual and exaggerated — and earned a reputation as one bad dude you didn't want to mess with.

Supposed photos of Doc Holliday vary wildly, leading to skepticism over which portrait is the correct interpretation of Wyatt Earp's good friend, but that doesn't take away from Mideon's skin art.

( PHOTOS)"[Conan the Barbarian] was born a peasant in a common village and became king by his own hand," Santino explained to in 2007.

But the one that stands out for its coolness factor is the portrait of Doc Holliday on his left arm.Believe it or not, Umaga's face was actually painted, not permanently inked.The tribal design on his right arm, however, was definitely real and served as a formidable complement to The Samoan Bulldozer's presence every time the rampant drums of his entrance music sounded.And it will be my story of my life on my body."Wade Barrett has large-scale, standout tattoos on both of his arms, but it's the classic red rose intertwined with song lyrics that is more visually impressive in its composition and design.The rose tattoo, which very much has an old-school feel, is intertwined with a banner reading "boredom, culture, alienation & despair," which is a line from the Manic Street Preachers' 1992 single "Little Baby Nothing."The Welsh trio is one of Barrett's favorite rock bands, something that the group has become fully aware of.

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