Mingle 2 dating fantasia dating married man with two kids

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Having trouble with text messages make him want you?

Every single one of the people I ever contacted except one. Some of them were just scammers wanted money or working for a deceptive website dealing with identity theft.

I believe whoever runs the website they're also affiliated with these criminals.

The next day asked me to send 0,000.- because the loan did not arrive Italy but need to buy another machine. Very polite, very knowledgeable, very charming and promise to come to my town once 3 months project in Italy complete. People do not come to your site with the idea of sitting and reporting one fake after the other.

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Scammers are engineers who work for foreign million of $ project. Because the system you have now just isn't working. We have admins that are working 24/7 to fight these scammers.

I have tried to complain to the site but they do not appear to have a legal department. I've seen many in the forums asking about how to get their money back. So, when I see someone in the forums ask about the benefits of joining Mingle2, I don't lie to them.

I have reported the user to the site, who then remove the profile but within a day there are back. Absolute disgrace and I am now looking to sue the site. Need me-to buy and send number of i Tunes gift card $ 100 each for initially 3 of them total of $ 300.- through whatsapp. I can't in good conscience tell anyone to pay to be on your site. I tell them to keep their money in their pocket until they see how they like the site.

They like you and then they send you some links to click. The other is that want sex and stuff and they will send you some links. Basically I have been blocked almost 250 or more accounts. It is not an easy battle but, we are doing our best to root the scammers out. Keith Mingle2There are some real users on this site. Please accept our sincerest apology for any trouble or inconvenience we have caused you.

And finally they are being nice and talking and then finally they ask for your number or email or if you have Google Hangout. I was bold enough to be direct with my chosen and now we are off to a relationship. It's up to me now to nurture and develop a good match and be good to her. Whoever runs this site should be held responsible for allowing this kind of thing to go on. We highly appreciate your feedback as it will assist us in becoming better at what we do.

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