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Adeena's characterization is just one of a litany of comically offensive things about the episode.In addition to being depicted as irrational for trying to keep the budding couple apart, Adeena is shown to embody all the characteristics of a "sassy Black woman." Carrie's voice-over even refers to her as a "loud-mouthed bitch." In a later scene in which Chivon defends his sister, (who we learn is his only remaining family), he alludes to her "issues" and implies that she is wrong to protest Samantha's demonstrated objectification of her brother.In response, Adeena becomes enraged when the three meet up later at a Black club, asserting that Samantha doesn't belong and that she'll never understand why because "it's a Black thing." After Samantha tells her off for not being "open-minded" Adeena grabs her by the hair and starts a fight that is then broken up by Chivon and security.

Chenille is not allowed to simply bristle at their relationship, she must instead be a single teen mom who is humbled because she can't get the father of her child to cooperate, leaving her jealous and bitter that a white woman can find happiness in an environment that has brought her pain.

, the character Malika Williams (Zuri Adele)—the only main cast member who is a Black woman—has a testy and impromptu date with a Black man who had, earlier in the day, declined to match with her on a dating app.

Although she'd been hurt by the initial rejection, Malika rallied when he later walked into the bar where she works.

Everything she says to Sabrina is a true reflection of Black women's experiences, and yet by choosing to make her delivery so comically overblown, dismisses her and her frustration over the sexual politics at play out of hand.

The show chooses to have her berate a literal stranger about her dating choices, entirely absent any context for either party.

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