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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.On the right you see a random selection of dating profiles. The most effective way to browse through the profiles is by making your own. If you have a dating profile, you can leave messages for others. By clicking on the pink Edit button under your profile name.A large-format storytelling map, made from archive images of motionless objects.The IAO opened its experimental studio to the public in downtown Los Angeles in March 2013, moving to Koreatown in March 2014 and to its home on Chung King Road in Chinatown, Los Angeles in March, 2015.After approximately one hour it is removed and placed into a buchner funnel.The buchner apparatus uses the pressure of flowing water to create a vacuum.We discussed what would be the most appropriate way to communicate Skopje's creativity on our Mediamatic Travel website and came to the conclusion that not only guides, but also people with a profile that would just like to add pictures or texts, should be able to participate.In this scenario the guide will become a cultural manager in the process than the sole contributor and contact person of the city's underground. It also made his job easier, as he only needs to contact one person who's fit to be the guide of Skopje.

Around the central figure of the sleeping rock with feet, shaped like a body, statues from ancient history, animals, plants, rocks, dolls and masks appear to be attending a ceremonial gathering.In July 2018, The IAO expanded its programs to Amsterdam in a month-long partnership with Mediamatic called 'Art Olfaction Amsterdam'.There they launched several programs, including a two-hour olfactory radio show, written and hosted by Maxwell Williams in partnership with dublab.A composition in which all the fragments (whether abstract or figurative) of collected images (collages, paintings, drawings, photographs, furnishings, etc) influence the space they occupy.In the basement gallery, Ruth van Beek turns the space into a metaphor for the unconscious.

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