Mcafee 8 5i 100 cpu when updating

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I did notice that in IE - (requires restart) In manage add-ons i have these three under "sun microsystems", but i removed update 29 with Revo uninstaller. Status Disabled File date May 5, 2012, PM Version Name Java Plug-in 1.6.0_32 Publisher Sun Microsystems, Inc.Status Enabled File date May 5, 2012, PM Version also under "control name is not available" Name Java™ Plug-In SSV Helper Publisher Control name is not available Status Enabled Load time 0.01 s Edited by petegt5012, - PM. Windows update results in blank IE window (using shortcut on start menu).Over the years (since 2005) I have had spybot running (teatimer), mcafee (8.5) and zonealarm (various versions). I do/did have SAS and spyware blaster both the freeones installed , but they have no real time proctection according to my panels. I also suggest that you Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - so that we might glean some info easily.Unless you have a particular problem that requires a registry edit to correct it, I would suggest you leave the registry alone. Louis I was recommended to use REVO uninstaller to resolve 2 issues Java (old versions that would not uninstall or reinstall, and Mc Afee which would not install.I currently have Mc Afee virusscan and antispyware version 8.7i running.

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Download the CD ISO image to your Linux Cent OS VM from the Lenovo site.

I have a gateway GT5012 with dual core 2.8 Ghz, and 3GB RAM (2 old 512MB simms 2 new 1GB simms). I originally posted to this forum was directed to Malware forum have done many things FSS, DDS, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, combofix, minitoolbox,asw MBR, and many others ,mostly from a malware perspective. was not sure if a better product was available, mine is old, but since SP3.

Double click on zonealarm download and it just exits. Installed PC Tune_UP seemed to install, but did not ask for activation key, and when program selected just sits with a partially completed screen. I do have a lot of registry entries pointing to files or directories that do not exist any longer according to "Tuneup Registry Cleaner", but I have no cleaned yet.

I don't understand why you tried to install ZA. Max temp for your CPU is 64 Celsius..Speccy indicates that you are rather close to the max (56 Celsius). Louis My PC has 2 fans one kicks in every once in a while, so I assume that it is temp driven. What should be a normal temp, I could monitor that and run speccy just as the second fan starts and then just as it stops. I don't think the mcafee has a firewall, at least no indication of a firewall from the settings anywhere. Is there something I can display that would tell me? Think my harddrive is maybe an issue , look for tools to determine, seems ok. find threads that say malware can make it look like your hard drive has a problem.

My previous setup was zonealarm one of the version 9 point something, plus mcafee virusscan and antispyware, plus spybot. I tried to upgrade zonealarm due to a message from zonealarm (v9.2.057.000) that there was a new version from zonealarm (v10.1.101.000) my version was out of date. Then I uninstall the current version and try again same thing. As this is going on i get a java update try to install (i think update 29) , does not work, now 2 issues. Run memtest86 (2 time in last while ) again no issues).

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