Maine dating laws

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For purposes of this subsection, "domestic partner" means one of 2 unmarried adults who are domiciled together under a long-term arrangement that evidences a commitment to remain responsible indefinitely for each other's welfare.

Fees received pursuant to this subsection must be deposited into the department's adult community corrections account, which may not lapse.

Failure to comply with this condition is considered only as a violation of probation and may not, in itself, authorize involuntary treatment or hospitalization.

The court may not order and the State may not pay for the defendant to attend a batterers' intervention program unless the program is certified under Title 19-A, section 4014; To remain within the jurisdiction of the court, unless permission to leave temporarily is granted in writing by the probation officer, and to notify the probation officer of any change in his address or his employment; To report as directed to the court or the probation officer, to answer all reasonable inquiries by the probation officer and to permit the officer to visit him at reasonable times at his home or elsewhere; The convicted person shall be given an opportunity to address the court on the conditions which are proposed to be attached and shall, after sentence, be given a written statement setting forth the particular conditions on which he is released on probation.

If the court imposes a section 1152 sentencing alternative which includes a period of probation, it shall attach such conditions of probation, as authorized by this section, as it deems to be reasonable and appropriate to assist the convicted person to lead a law-abiding life, provided that in every case it shall be a condition of probation that the convicted person refrain from criminal conduct.

The court shall attach as a condition of probation that the convicted person pay, through the Department of Corrections, a supervision fee of between and per month, as determined by the court, for the term of probation.

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