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While living in Melbourne is generally pretty good by world standards, one of the troubles is that, if you are living the good life, it may also mean that you are not the only one who is interested in your hard-earned possessions!Security and safety of your home and possessions is increased by installing deadlocks or dead-latches on front and back doors, fixing security doors, bolts on windows and sliding doors, padlocks on outside sheds and gates, utilising monitored alarms, timed internal light switchers, sensor lights, and locking valuables in a safe.Locksmiths Melbourne TOPLOCK Locksmiths are able to provide domestic and commercial security advice, and also operate a 24/7 emergency service if you are locked out of your home, business premises or car.They provide their services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs up to 30kms from the city centre.TOPLOCK’S locksmith services include installation and repair of all types of security devices including deadlocks, alarm systems, restricted master key systems, rekeying, key cutting, window locks, access control systems, heavy-duty padlocks, roller-door and gate locks, safes, key cabinets and commercial and fire grade security locks.TOPLOCK are also able to program transponder car keys, which saves time in going to the car dealer.


The basic principle is very simple: when a lever is squeezed, a pin attached to it pushes the bowstring from it's catch, releasing it.Within the premises there are other means of protection such as passwords and codes for use of computers, safes and other equipment.Automotive security: Over the decades car theft has been another problem and cars now come equipped with alarms, disabling systems such as immobilisers or wheel locks, steering locks, programmed electronic keys or even cameras and tracking systems!Regardless of it's apparent simplicity there is a big difference between one that works and one that is a pleasure to shoot.There are a few common variants of this type of lock mechanism.

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