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The third annual Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival is a showcase of the work of the students graduating from the Documentary Journalism interest area.Fourteen students will be showing short documentary films over three different blocks—with each block showing completely different an intimate look at the life of Jack through the lens of his twin brother. As Joe watches the footage of his twin, he reflects on their relationship.How can Jack grow as a person while being stuck at home and what does it feel like to have a twin with whom you can never actually converse?These are thoughts that prompt Joe to narrate the observational footage and provide clarity for the image of his brother.Block B: pm Directed by Emily Dunn A young filmmaker undergoes the process of genetic carrier testing for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative disease carried by women that only manifests itself in their male children.

The two grow closer as they spend a month hunting together, revealing what it means for them to be father and son.Set against a backdrop of high teen pregnancy rates in the community, Nimsy teaches lessons focusing on goals and dreams, relationships and romance, abstinence, contraception and sexually transmitted infections.With an observational, emotional and character-focused style, Directed by Connor Laughlin Telling a story of fatherhood, a young college student seeks to grow closer with his father while they both deal with personal loss.The students’ ideas for these films were approved by an outside panel of documentary professionals last spring and they have spent the last year making these films.This will be their world premiere before they go off for submission to film festivals all over the country and beyond.

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