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According to TMZ, Reese Witherspoon donated ,000 to the charities just to join Kenny Chesney and duet with him.

They sang an acoustic version of “Jackson” by Johnny Cash, which luckily, Witherspoon was prepared for, as she previously got an Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in Most artists experience rejection at some point in their career, especially in the beginning.

Suddenly, they spotted a sheriff, accompanied by a horse, and with Kenny’s riding boots already on, he couldn’t help but ask to sit on the officer’s stallion.

After receiving permission, he hopped on the horse and rode off into the distance.

Many people dream of becoming a rock star, but few actually get to achieve the riches and fame that come along with it.

Luckily, Kenny was one of the fortunate few who managed to create himself a career doing what he loves. Bush was president, he was invited to attend a state dinner with the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.

The pre-show tailgates are an exciting scene, which see thousands of fans getting pumped for the concert.

Unfortunately, Chesney made it in third place, with Kanye in first.

After the George Strait Country Music Festival in upstate New York, where Kenny and Tim Mc Graw collaborated, the two musicians stood in the parking lot, lightly chatting.

The shoes were customized with engravings of Kenny’s initials and the flags of Australia and the U. Bush and Chesney met once again when Kenny sang the national anthem in 2008 at the White House Tee Ball All-Star Game.

Music-lovers and charity-givers gathered excitedly together at the New Orleans House Of Blues to give support to the charities of celebrities Drew Brees and Matthew Mc Conaughey.

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