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Curse of the Lake Monster is the sequel to Scooby-Doo!The Mystery Begins which was produced by Warner Premiere.That night at the party, a huge frog-like monster suddenly appears and wrecks havoc on everyone. Shaggy suggests splitting and insists on going with Velma.After everyone leaves, Uncle Thorny tells the gang that almost half of members quit, and if someone doesn't do something, he might have to close down the club. They decide to investigate the only person who has ever taken a picture of the lake monster, Mr. They're walking on the beach, and she quotes an old song about the moon, which is says she loves.Shaggy is then sucked into a daydream when he is singing to Velma.However, he is interrupted when they see the lake monster.While she and Fred take a swim, Shaggy takes a walk on the beach with Velma.

He says that he doesn't think their too serious and that he likes "playing the field".Meanwhile, Daphne is telling Velma about her relationship with Fred, and saying the exact opposite - that Fred's totally her boyfriend, and he doesn't like playing the field, and things were getting serious.They meet at the pool, where Daphne tells them that they're all invited to attend the opening party for the country club.Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, and Daphne are chasing a hooded assailant in a house until they catch him/her, making a shocking discovery.... School is about to finish for the summer, and Shaggy is counting down the clock.He and Scooby then fantasize the entire school celebrating a Hawaiian-themed party, until Velma cuts it off.

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