Josh gates allison scagliotti dating

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I recently took part in a conference call with Allison Scagliotti (Claudia, WAREHOUSE 13) and Neil Grayston (Fargo, EUREKA) where they discussed their shows’ current crossover and their characters’ growth while showing off their obvious and adorable chemistry.Here are some of the most interesting questions and answers from that call.Since the early age of 10, Gates has been scuba-diving. Being a TV presenter, Josh Gates has made his appearance on “Beg, Borrow & Deal” as a contestant, starred in , as well as appeared in numbers of commercials for EA Sports video games and Stanley Tools.He enrolled at Tufts University, Boston and studied drama and archaeology. Forty-one years', TV presenter Gates is a married man.So Fargo comes to the Warehouse to update our computer system.Little does he know that much like all of the artifacts, the Warehouse has an organic human element that it’s not as simple to upgrade as just a new plug-in.When things started to go awry, luckily it was not Claudia’s fault. Could the two of you tell us a little bit about how you feel about the growth of your characters over the past couple of seasons?For me it’s just one of those awesome things where I was actually only contracted to be in seven episodes a season. And they just sort of kept on chucking me in to the point where, you know, now I’m all episodes, my character is running Global Dynamics and it’s just – it’s a nice thing to work hard and try to do the best job you can and have that noticed and have them continue to, you know, employ me. And on my side of things, I mean, similarly when I joined the cast in Season 1, I came in late, I showed up in Episode 4.

Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books published the book.

Josh stands 6 ft 2 inches tall but his weight is not disclosed in the media.

As of , Josh Gates' net worth is estimated to be around million.

I watched the Eureka panel moderated by Josh Gates, which was hilarious.

Then, at the Syfy party I marched up to Neil and I said, “Neil, let’s be friends.” And he said, “Okay, it sounds good.” We were inseparable from that moment on and we had this immediate dorky chemistry [that] played so well in life that I think our respective showrunners and, you know, the good people over at Syfy realized what a commodity it can be to blend these shows.

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