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Really, the relationship was based on nothing but sex appeal. Paolo (Cosimo Fusco) hardly spoke English (he was from Italy), but that didn't stop him from making a pass at Phoebe when he was still with Rachel.He was suave, sleek, had that foreign cultural appeal and charm, but he was also unfaithful and selfish.Paul is tough and protective of his young daughter, prompting Rachel to help portray Ross in a positive light to impress Paul.Rachel and Paul are attracted to one another and appear to have a sweet, loving relationship.Their relationship is mostly immature in several meaningful aspects.Rachel jeopardizes her career by dating him, so they keep their relationship secret.That is, until Rachel pushes Paul to tell her more about himself and she gets more than she bargained for when he begins crying uncontrollably.Fed up, Rachel dumps him, even though she was the one that prompted his mental breakdown.

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Tate Donovan guest-starred for a few episodes in Season 4 as Joshua, a recently divorced man that Rachel meets at work., learning to be independent from her wealthy parents and create her own successes.While she did well in many aspects of her life, Rachel's relationships on the show were some of the messiest.That's probably for the best, given Tommy's short temper and screechy ranting.Rachel ironically dates Paul (Bruce Willis), the father of the college student whom Ross is dating.

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