Jiro wang and cyndi wang dating

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Jiro Wang and Momoko Sakura's collaboration is featured as part of the series' larger 30th anniversary exhibit, which was variously on display in Japan (6–20 August 2014; 27 December 2014 - 12 January 2015) In 2014, Jiro Wang and Ivan Wang established Toyu / 東友企業 (a synthesis of their Chinese names) and became exclusive agents for marketing Chibi Maruko-chan products in Taiwan.

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Wang's father died when he was 18, leaving him and his mother stranded with the family debt.In 2014, Wang also became producer of the drama series The Crossing Hero (超級大英雄), in addition to his role as male lead.The series generated a buzz online prior to airtime: as of 18 March 2015, the topic #超级大英雄# (The Crossing Hero) was read more than 14 million times, with more than 39,000 people participating in the discussion on the popular Chinese micro-blogging site, Sina Weibo.Unfortunately, because I'm still in the midst of an ongoing, prior filming commitment, I have to honor those unfinished work commitments in order not to hold up the entire production team, and will thus have to regretfully give this training opportunity up." During a media interview at a promotional event for the KO One Re-act television series, Wang reiterated his thanks for fans' warm support.Though his disappointment at the missed opportunity was palpable, he called the voting process a fantastic memory to have and to hold with his fans.

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