Japanese dating sim games for girls english

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These seven games let you woo lovers at your discretion.

Whether you prefer the standard school dating scenario, want to date a pigeon, or like adding a relationship to a different genre of game, you’ll find something to satisfy you here.

I’ll have to say that the main benefit of playing otome games instead of watching a shojo anime series is that we get to choose who among the potential love interests the heroine would end up with.

It can be frustrating when the heroine in an anime series falls for and ends up happily ever after with the guy we don’t root for!

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In recent years, things have improved for us who speak English and love otome games. (株式会社ボルテージ) that has been churning out many otome games available in English! is a company founded by Yuji Tsutani (津谷祐司) who is the CEO and chairperson, and his wife, Nanako Higashi (東奈々子), who acts as the co-founder and vice chairperson.It is like a shojo (少女) setting with a reverse harem.Besides that, Telltale Games are usually in 3D designs with more movements, while otome games feature 2D illustrations with limited movements.Some of you who like video games and often watch walkthroughs of games by popular You Tubers such as Pew Die Pie may be familiar with the games developed by Telltale Games, an independent American video game publisher and developer.Among the popular games released by them are The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and The Wolf Among Us.

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