Is eva marcille dating anyone

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Shamea asked Eva if her current boyfriend/celebrity attorney, Michael Sterling, was ‘okay with her dating women.’ Eva was offended by Shamea’s lesbian accusation, but Shamea then reignited the rumors that surfaced a while back, claiming that Eva and Missy were a couple for quite some time. In a “RHOA After Show” video clip posted on Bravo’s website, Eva further clapped back at Shamea’s lesbian claims: Eva- “Let’s be clear, she doesn’t know me from Adam so she claims that this is her way of getting to know me. The other day, she did an interview with US Weekly and was asked about the ‘Missy-lesbian-relationship’ rumor yet again. And she’s like, ‘You know what girl, you held your own.

Like this is way too personal to try to just get to know someone…I’ve never dated women. That’s when Eva finally revealed what the ever-so-private, Missy Elliot’s reaction was to the accusations…Via USWeekly: When asked if she warned Missy about the story resurfacing on the show, Eva responded, “No, I didn’t because, I mean, because Missy is so non-confrontational, she’s not that girl.” “But I did talk to her after ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and she, first she sends me the emoji of the hand on the head,” she explained. I appreciate it, you know what I mean, the way you held me down. ” ILOSM let’s be real, ever since Missy Elliott burst onto the music scene in the 90’s, there have been many lesbian rumors and assumptions about her.

Kevin seems to think he is some sort of a big deal. First he posted on his IG that he dodged a bullet as if they did not already share a child.

Kevin has a daughter from a previous relationship named Jenesis. ask Question have some honor or imma expose the pussy in you unless you can expose it in me in a private meeting (you not built like this bow out gracefully I’m from watts and hell and Back) Lets meet @onechurchla DM’ing my info now Council Man I can’t be the toughest nigga in town look how skinny I’ve gotten.”“If you want to her so bad, you can have her. I’m not about to play any more games or participate in society’s joke of a child program Me and Jenesis straight shell just get DOUBLE now and fuck whoever got a problem with it you opinion ain’t never got me anything it is what it is now Fuck it, play this shit alone now @Eva Marcille your dead to me.” If you need a bit of translation there, he is saying that he is disowning his child and giving her child support to the other kid and the mother of the disowned child is also dead to him. Probably should not have mentioned the Mayoral run it seems to be confusing you guys. Kevin The illiterate author of ALL of the quotes about Eva, Michael, and his two daughters.

He graduated from Morehouse College and was a member of the Phi Nu Pi fraternity.

we believe we’ve got to put our support behind someone who shares our values, who shares our commitment to building a better Atlanta.”If you’re looking for more on Sterling, then his Instagram account (“michaeltsterling”) is the place to be.

Her musical gifts are what we, here at ILove Old School Music, are grateful for. So people, let’s let those ladies live their lives and be great.

Sterling of Atlanta is a lawyer and former mayoral candidate.

The “Work It” hitmaker became the topic of lesbian dating rumors in a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode a few weeks ago and today, she’s STILL part of that discussion.

A few weeks ago, “RHOA’s,” Shamea Morton, accused “RHOA” newcomer/model, Eva Marcille, of having had a lesbian relationship with Missy Elliott. They are friends that I’ve had in this business for a very long time.” Marcille/status/965395603634180096 One thing’s for sure, Eva is definitely making rounds to shut down this lesbian rumor.

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