Is andy samberg still dating joanna newsom

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Samberg, who has been in the comedy biz for well over a decade now, kick-started his career with his comedy music group The Lonely Island and quickly gained internet fame after You Tube was created in 2005 and his videos were able to be shared widely.His success with The Lonely Island group helped land him an agent and snag a spot on Saturday Night Live, and he quickly rose to comedy fame after starring in several movies, television shows and comedy skits.Newsom is an accomplished harpist, pianist, singer and actress.

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The last report I can find of them possibly still together was in August 1, 2010 when he attended a concert of hers.

Since the picture of 'Andy' is of his back, you can't be entirely sure it was him although it looks like him, but then again so does Robbie Shapiro.

Although in January 26, 2010 Andy Samberg was listed as a single bachelor.

“But we’ve decided ultimately that her fans would probably kill me in my sleep.

What she does is so, like, actually beautiful and important.”Better safe than sorry when passionate music fans are involved!

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