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Those who go to school learn Modern Standard Arabic, and many that do not attend school are likely to at least understand it.

The major differences between modern standard and Iraqi Arabic are changes in verb form, and an overall simplicity in grammar of the spoken Arabic.

Babylon, which is about thirty miles (forty-eight kilometers) south of modern-day Baghdad, became the most famous city in the world, and boasted, among other things, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Classical Arabic, best known by scholars, is the written language of the Qur'an.Kurdish is the official language in Kurdistan, and serves to distinguish Kurds from other Iraqis.It is not of Semitic origin nor an Arab or Persian dialect, but a distinct language from the Indo-European family.Arabs comprise about three-fourths of the population, and Kurds compose about one-fifth.The remaining people are divided into several ethnic groups, including Assyrian, Turkoman, Chaldean, Armenian, Yazidi, and Jewish. Almost all Iraqis speak and understand their official language, Arabic.

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