Intimidating a witness nc Sex behind the scenes

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To be found guilty of the misdemeanor offense, the only requirements are that a person unlawfully and willfully obstruct justice, which clearly covers an extremely broad range of actions.Any act that delays, prevents, or gets in the way of “justice” arguably can form the basis for obstruction.The person that committed the carjacking is released from jail; they know who you are, and as you are walking out after court they approach you and say to you the above statements. Under North Carolina law, there is a possibility that a few things have occurred.

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When the police arrive, you give them the information that you witnessed, and three months later you get a subpoena to appear and testify in court.

“If that happens, you reward the most violent and the worst of offenders,” said Colon Willoughby, Wake County’s district attorney.

“If you reward them, you can expect more of it.” The difficulties were highlighted during a trial last month.

For example, your ex-spouse has charged you with assault from an incident that took place in the recent past.

Pursuant to a court-order, you have sole custody of the children, but the other party is allowed visitation at your discretion.

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