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To Carole, he was just a handsome producer at HBO, but to anyone who could count backwards on a family tree, he was royalty.

They were lucky to have had careers they were both crazy about, the two bonding over their intoxication for the news — but they fell in love gently. We meet on the murder story and four weeks later board separate planes to fly back to New York.” They’d move into a one-bedroom apartment on 82nd and Madison and eventually get married; in 1994, a beach wedding.

Kennedy, Jr., and his wife, Radziwill’s close friend Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

In , Radziwill awaits the impending loss of her husband across hundreds of pages, using inpatient hospital records as more of a countdown than a timeline.

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Her first assignment, which saw her covering landmines in Cambodia, required a certain look. I have to wear safari clothes.’ So, I went to Banana Republic and bought safari clothes.

In fact, she learned a lot about fashion from Carolyn, who, during their friendship, worked at Calvin Klein and often lent “Lamb” (or “Lambie,” depending on the day), the nickname she gave to Radziwill, her luxury hand-me-downs.

One dress, in particular, stands out from the others she inherited.

Christiane Amanpour was always in places like that, and she always had the best pockets, so I bought one of those vests with all of the pockets.

You need a lot of pockets when you’re out in the field.”In 1990, while on assignment in Los Angeles covering the Menendez murders, Carole met Anthony Radziwill, a literal Swiss prince and Jackie Kennedy’s nephew (the only fairytale aspect, really, of what would become a tragic tale).

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