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The robot brothel concept isn’t entirely new, either.Since the first sex robot premiered last year, erotic entrepreneurs have been trying to profit off the expensive new technology by renting the dolls out by the hour.That’s both in a legal sense—a sex robot is not an independent entity under U. There are other ethical issues to consider as well.Some worry that allowing people to perform “deviant” acts on sex robots will encourage them to do so in real life.There are marketing challenges—the creepy factor is hard to overcome—and legal ones.A recent attempt to open the first robot brothel in the United States was quashed after the Houston City Council made it illegal to have sex with a mechanical object in a local business.

You can now take a robot on a date,” reads a message on the proposed brothel’s Indie Gogo campaign.“Sit down with one of our robots and meet one of the new citizens of Earth.

The fundraiser netted just 1 percent of its goal, and there were no takers for the premium donation package, which offered the opportunity to take a robot’s “virginity” in exchange for a ,000 contribution.

The promise that donating to Eve’s would help save mankind from “contributing to a potential robot rebellion in the future” apparently didn’t pry many wallets open.

In France, a similar robot brothel was shut down after activists claimed it promoted rape and allowed customers to have sex with dolls that looked like children.

In Houston, religious groups started a petition claiming the proposed brothel would encourage human trafficking, and women complained to their legislators that the practice was dehumanizing.“These business are created to degrade me as a woman,” one resident, Virginia Mireles, told Fox29 Houston.

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