Hook up with an older women

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I think I got to her when she really needed some time to figure out single motherhood and dating on her own.She really wanted me to assume the father figure, just because I can be paternal doesn't mean I want kids.When I lived in Japan, age really didn't matter to me at all.For the most part, it's true that Japanese women age very well, so most of the difference in women from age 20 to 40 was behavioral, not physical.I'm 28 and one of my tinder FWB's is a 41 year old mother of two.

I was, like, twenty-two and hooked up with a forty-four year old recent divorcee.

Her mother opens the door, and she was hot just like her daughter, looked like she was about mid 40's.

She put her daughter in the bed and thanks me a hundred times.

I've been getting over an ex with Tinder and I've always wanted to hook up with a cougar.

I'm 24 and although I set my range to 100 miles and age to 31 I've only gotten one match that hasn't responded and one that "was active" 6 months ago.

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