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Consider 2 classes: public class A public class B The following code persists an instance of A and B within same transaction B b = new B(); get Hibernate Template().save(b); // Persist as object A a = new A(); B(b); Working ----------- get Hibernate Template.save(a); // Persist as object Not working: --------------- SQLQuery query = get Session().create SQLQuery("insert into table_a (column_b) values(?

)"); Integer(Id()); query.execute Update(); // Persist using native SQL query It fails with foreign key violation constraint claiming that no record with id = xxx exists in table_b, even though i issued an insert of object 'b'.

It may also happen before a Query/Criteria is executed but that depends on which Flush Mode you are using.

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I resorted to making HQL calls for each field: session.create Query("update Role set name = '" Name() "' where id = " ID()).execute Update(); session.create Query("update Role set description = '" Description() "' where id = " ID()).execute Update(); HOWEVER, when it came to the map in the Role object I tried to make sql calls to save the relationships and of course I reliazed execute Update for create SQLQuery was not supported. So Im not sure how to save back the mapping to the database at this point since hibernate refused to do it on its own.It should not cause any harm to issue a manual flush.I am following a simple Hibernate tutorial on the Internet.I can get this working by doing an explicit flush: get Session().flush(); query.execute Update(); This happens only in Postgres and it appears like it has to do with the id generation mechanism.In SQLServer, Hibernate has to do an insert to get the id.

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