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It was such a happy trip, and I would not have been able to enjoy it so much had I not lost the weight from gastric bypass.My weight has crept up to 270ish, and my goal for 2015 is to tackle some of this regain.I got many concerned messages from readers, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to say.I was living my life as a healthier woman, and didn’t necessarily want the voyeurs of the interwebz to have access to my deepest and darkest.My friend Wendy contacted me and said she was going to be coming to town in October to do the Detroit Free Press international half-marathon. I’m not a runner by any means, and I care about my joints too much to take up rigorous running at this weight.

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When the Bullock family travels, we do so in short intense bursts.98% of morbidly obese people fail at dieting, which only 2% are successful.For 20 years, I was in the diet boat, and felt trapped for so long.After a long hard look at my life, my happiness, and my health…I decided that blogging no longer brought me the satisfaction it had for over a decade.So I stopped giving myself arbitrary expectations of writing posts…just because.

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