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There are plenty of people, both single and in long-term relationships, who don’t bother to directly declare their relationship statuses.If you’re an active Facebook user, your usage of the social network will likely make it obvious whom you spend your time with.That kind of oversharing is pretty easy to do once you think that Facebook is a good place to share those details.It’s probably better for your relationship, and for the sanity of your Facebook friends, if you don’t think of Facebook as the kind of place where it’s appropriate to share details about the things that your partner has done or said.

And it probably won’t alarm the relatives, colleagues, or college acquaintances who are among your Facebook friends.But is officially declaring your relationship status on the world’s most popular social network actually a good idea?Making a relationship “Facebook official” is a milestone that occurs on a nebulous timeline (usually sometime after the first few dates, or at whatever point one person in the relationship asks the other whether it’s time to update their relationship statuses on Facebook).That may work just fine with things like your apartment, since everybody knows that you just slid the basket of dirty laundry out of the frame before snapping a photo, but it doesn’t work as well with things like your love life.If you’re in a relationship that you’re really not that excited about, or dating somebody that you know isn’t a great match, it’s not going to make that partnership any better if you announce it on Facebook.

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