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Most of the pictures you see are many years old and when you see the women online they don't look like their pictures at all. In our attempt to ensure the genuineness of profiles on Filipino, we ask that all members verify their identity by providing us a copy of an identification document.The process includes verification of details such as name, gender, date of birth and photo and is an important part of the profile creation process because it reduces the likelihood of non-genuine profiles on the site.: ESA photographer in Durban from the 19th August 2019 to 21st August 2019, contact the ESA office to arrange your photo shoots.: Escort South Africa wished the beautiful Chicago ( The Original ) from Sandton/Sandown a very happy Birthday, may you have the most wonderful day lovely lady. Note that I had not sent 1 message, and my profile text was decent. The safety and security of our customers is very important to us.If you believe we have made an error in terminating your profile, please choose one of the following options ... Unfortunately, it is extremely hard for us to verify the real intentions of the members.To prevent wasting a lot of time I suggest the following 1/. Do not send interest or likes only send messages as this eliminates more scammers. Get your lady on video cam asap to see if they are real, be very polite about this as many women have been pressured for webcam sex and may think that this is what you want! Any request for money help etc dump her immediately unless it is a very very small amount for phone or internet.

Hi Ronald, We have zero tolerance towards members of the nature you described.NEVER before been requested to proof my identity, until now. HOW can they think that customers will extend membership, when they start so unfriendly and hostile? Come on, thief's are looking for a 1 time big pay out. The words I could see were nice pic or nice profile yet I hadn't added a pic and only one person had viewed my profile and hadn't messaged.All they want you to do is pay and I'm pretty sure once I did all the random messages would stop.To this end we have an active moderated forum for the discerning gentleman, as well as a comment section where subscribers can obtain all the necessary information of the companion they are considering.Follow @Esa Status Update : The Esa Admin would like to wish Nikki From Randburg/Ferndale A Happy Birthday.

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