Free 3 d sex and chat game

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Start Chathouse 3D as voyeur and watch other players having fun.

While in voyeur mode you may not interact with other players but you are able to move.

There are several solo poses which are used to raise the excitement level of your partner and your own.

In addition of course the possibility to slowly undress yourself piece by piece.

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With a customer base of millions of thri XXX users it was easy to breathe life into this new erotic multiplayer world.

Offering a game in such a manner is a clear “we trust in our quality” statement of the development studio.

In its first version Chathouse3D “Roulette” two players are connected randomly for 3d chatting, flirting and fucking.

The apartment offers different places for having sex or for sprawling in a solo pose: bed, couch, pool-furniture, etc.

Everytime one of you selects a new joint sex pose the proposal has to be confirmed by the partner with a small yes/no dialogue box.

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