Filipina dating tips

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Before we go further, have you heard that half of all marriages end in divorce. Measuring the divorce rate is tricky, but most of the estimates I see is somewhere around 30-35% of American marriages will end in a divorce.

Keep in mind that these are very general statements. The Philippines and the Vatican are the only two sovereign states in the world with no divorce.

The only way to dissolve a marriage is through the process of annulment, which means legally establishing that a marriage never existed.

What factors would tend to make a Filipino-American marriage more successful?

Here are a few reasons, based on my observations and time in the Philippines.

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Filipinas tend to believe that the wife should do everything in her power to keep the family together– if children are involved.We've noticed that your profile is marked as hidden.Only the members who you have added to your saved profile list can see your profile.Filipinos have a high view of marriage and go into it with the idea of staying together for life–that’s their only option.Filipinas value marriage and keeping the family together.

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