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In this post, You will learn about what is phishing, phishing attack, types, and techniques, how we can prevent such attacks and phishing facebook page.It is the most common method used by hackers to hack accounts and an example of social engineering techniques that are used to deceive users.When users open this link or attachment they got infected by a virus or hacked.Clone phishing is a kind of phishing attack whereby a genuine, and recently conveyed, an email containing a attachments/link has its substance and beneficiary address taken and used to make a practically indistinguishable or cloned email.This type of phishing attack is called voice phishing. In this phishing attack, hackers target specific individuals by collecting personal information and data of the individuals to increase their chances of success.

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You can try this on your own account or system to learn this technique but do not try it on anyone else.Find dates who can shoot, look great in camo, and can rough it with you anytime.No city chicks here, just down-to-earth, outdoorsy gals seeking like-minded guys! This strategy could be utilized to turn from a recently tainted machine and addition and a dependable balance on another machine, by abusing the social trust related with the induced association because of the two gatherings accepting the first email.Voice phishing is a good example that not all phishing attack require to create a fake page of a website to get users password and email ID.

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