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We had only been dating for two months when I first told her that I would make her my wife.

She said “she knew”, but we agreed to take our time.

Stop the search and allow what’s intended to find you.2 | Dating is a distraction — As a “Recovering Type A”, I used to approach dating like I did all areas of my life. And we get caught finding a strong physical attraction and just wanting to feel something.

That led to many crushes I built up in my head, serial dating in New York City, and disappointments when girls failed to stack up.The decision came in complete flow with my life and what was in my heart.I know now that none of that would have been possible without changing my approach to dating.And while I always sought love, it was easy to get disappointed and inpatient when love was elusive.So, I’d lower the criteria and found myself seeking fun experiences, cool hangout partners or just someone to talk to. I was at a point in my life where other things were filling me up.

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