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To begin with, I am relatively new so I am not sure if I should post in this category or not, if so please assist me so that I can fix the tags.However, I am working on a boxing game, which will have character customization.In Share Point you can add event handlers to the different lists, document libraries and content types within a Share Point site. Event handlers defined for these events are executed before the operation is executed on the content database. You can define event handlers for the different operations on list items, like adding a list item, updating a list item or deleting a list item. Events ending by –ing are synchronous events: Item Adding, Item Updating, Item Deleting.There are different base classes from which you can inherit when developing event handlers.The decision from which class you are going to inherit depends on what you want to achieve with your event handler:: This method updates the list item without changing the version number.This is necessary if you will be changing data that is not accessible by some types of users.

You can set it to true to avoid security validation before the changes are written to the content database.The issue here is that you’re attempting to do a server management locally.Put the Remote Event in Replicated Storage (where both the client and the server has access to) and put the global scripts under Server Script Service. I’m a bad explainer, I know, but feel free to ask clarifying questions Please mark the comment that solved your problem (hit the checkmark button next to the like button) to indicate that this bug report is no longer relevant.If you don’t find the answers to your questions on this blog, you can always post your questions to the Share Point 2010 forum or the Share Point 2013 forum. Now go to the event receiver file and you'll get a bunch of methods base on your selection during event receiver creation. Note that the Item Added method is used instead of the Item Adding method.

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