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During the transition and polluted periods, the wind shifted from northerly to southerly with a considerably decreasing speed, resulting in air masses from the more populated southern industrial regions and a stagnant condition.The average mass concentrations of 35 μg⋅m events from 25–29 September and 2–7 October.levels in Beijing on the basis of measurements of ambient gases and aerosol properties. S1) may be affected by transport, local emissions, and chemistry, the evolutions of the particle size, mass, number concentration, chemical composition, and meteorological parameters (such as measured wind direction and speed and back-trajectories) were analyzed to decouple the various processes.The measured PM) demonstrate the presence of a higher number concentration of smaller particles during the clean period but a slightly lower particle number concentration of larger particles during the polluted period. 1During our observation period, southerly winds were most prevalent (50%), followed by winds from the northwest (42%) and northeast (7%) (Fig. The wind was much weaker from the south but stronger from the northwest and northeast.The paper describes the aesthetics and operational characteristics of UK boutique hotels, indicating what can be found in a boutique hotel.One of the many important findings of this study suggests that the majority of boutique hotels are not privately owned, contradicting previous studies. https://doi.org/10.1108/09596110910930179 Download as . A meaningful and functional definition of boutique hotels will enable trade bodies and relevant associations to revise their grading systems, better serving the hotel industry, as well as business and leisure travellers.




A comparative analysis was then carried out with the findings and interviews obtained from four boutique hotel managers to establish the common characteristics of boutique hotels.We illustrate the similarity and difference in particulate matter (PM) formation between Beijing and other world regions.The periodic cycle of PM events in Beijing is regulated by meteorological conditions.The formation mechanisms leading to severe haze episodes with exceedingly high PM in Beijing has been suggested to be mainly from industrial pollution and secondary inorganic aerosol formation, but negligibly from traffic emissions (14).In addition, meteorological conditions may govern regional and long-range transport of air pollutants (17, 18).

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