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If you’ve forgotten what that looked like, you can watch one of the ads, below … Don’t get me wrong, the latest version of the Toyota Prius, in sport mode, is noticeably more aggressive off the line than earlier versions.That said, aggressive throttle tip-in does not a fast car make- and you’ll see that when you try to pass someone on the highway.Am I being too soft on the fact that, even twenty years later, it’s still not a pure EV?

Despite that objection, however, the Prius remains a pioneer.Of course, “get in, drive, and get great mileage” has always been the point of the Prius.It’s roomy enough for four, even five (in a pinch), and its massive trunk will easily carry a 2-kid Sit n’ Stand stroller, making the Prius a great car for young urban families.) we’ve owned and even the smaller and larger Prius variants I’ve had so much fun reviewing in recent years.I’m doing all this because the Toyota Prius will reach a major milestone this December: the 20th anniversary of the very first Toyota Prius sold. Despite being a bit more up-to-date on these thing than the average bear (or, believing myself to be, anyway), I’ll admit that the twenty year anniversary of the Toyota Prius snuck up on me- but that’s its own article.

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