Drug expiration dating calculations

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Injectable anesthetic agents are often considered superior to inhalant anesthetics due to their ease of use, especially when multiple animals must be treated simultaneously as is often the case with research involving mice.

However, characteristics such as species, genotype, age, and even light cycle have been shown to affect the response to anesthetic or analgesic agents.

As indicated within its notes section, modifying the Formulary sheet is advised against unless the user’s stock drug concentrations differ from those in the calculator; users may modify this sheet to resolve the disparity.

However, concentrations outside those recommended have not been tested, so we are unable to guarantee the calculator’s effectiveness if the Formulary sheet is altered.

Figure 1: Screenshots of the Mouse Dosage Calculator that depict each of the six required steps.

Steps 1-4 (ad) solicit input from the user on their preferred dosing parameters.

Such changes can result in a less effective product, or one that causes more painful administration and unpredictable absorption.

The agents selected in this calculator should therefore be labeled with an expiration date of no more than 28 days, and discarded after this timeframe.

This particular volume is acceptable for both intraperitoneal and subcutaneous injections, as well as per os delivery in mice.

Following mouse weight, number of animals to inject, and the desired drug or drug combination inputs, the Mouse Dosage Calculator instantly displays the necessary stock and dilutant volumes to combine along with the working concentration of the preparation.

All calculations were standardized to produce a final injection volume of 0.3m L.

Calculating appropriate dilutions and doses for mouse injectable analgesics and anesthetics can be an intricate and time-consuming process.

Determining the correct amount to administer to a mouse is dependent on several variables including animal weight, acceptable injection volume, and simultaneous administration of multiple drug agents.

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