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~Karly From: [email protected]: hey Dear David Gallagher I saw ure movie of little secrets it was very cute! IM also from Queens, New York myself and going there this summer, and hopefully ill see you (I WISH) well who knows well I just wanted to say I enjoy watching you act on 7th Heaven.

U never know maybe ill get to see u sum time, that is if u come to brooklyn Well......for now!! Write back Sincerely, Gabrielle Hey David what's up, how you been, well I wanted to tell you how much I love you heehee it may sound weird but I actually rented your movie lil secrets and IM 15 I live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Regards, norberto Subject: hello my friende Hello: david gallagher Good I t\' have write several times and I do not know if you received the messages that I t\' have write!!!!!!!

My Favoritefan is Leonardo Dicpario and David Gallagherand Daniel Racclife. your 1# fan Subject: Hola from Panama Hi I am Norberto Suarez. also I want to keep a friendship with him well, I got to go know I hope he can answere me soon.

"Spree" also launches a more general trend toward the serialization of the series.

David Gallagher and Kim Dickens guest-starred as the couple.

The casting director noted the difference in roles but awarded Gallagher with the role. so if you get this email please try to email me back at [email protected] for now stephanie ... well, I am really would like to meet him some day in the future. love, Elizabeth lots of love to you David Gallagher. S promise me youll read this 1000 kisses!!!!!!!!!!! all i can do is pray and wait tell someone emails me back. Well I just emailed you to tell ya how much I like her shows and stuff! I always try to watch them, but I must admit I have been missin a few episodes....:( But I also have been playin Kingdom Hearts, when I figured out you were Riku I was so shocked, ( cause I thought I knew who's voice that was. I live in New York too, but I live upstate in Middletown. I consider myself to be pretty and we should meet sometime. I liked the website, i searched it and you can make a website better than I can. Sincerly, Crystal 15 years Michigan From: [email protected]: (no subject) hello!

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