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We recognize that although the internet provides a wealth of important information it also is filled with bogus facts and mindless games.

However, to a student of a poor war-torn country in Africa like Sierra Leone the internet represents a new frontier and the students might be overwhelmed by the large amount of information.

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It makes me wonder how much third world countries are sacrificing in order to catch up to the methods of the first world.They believed that free internet access in the school system would help students explore their creative potential as well as allowing teachers and students to exchange new ideas via the web.The oxford workers also argued that the internet would open up more opportunity for overseas education and work and that the internet would allow teachers to express the continuing needs of Sierra Leone's educational institutions.Will the internet really be a tool for research and learning or really just a potentially dangerous diversion from academic responsibilities?I recommend that the students of Sierra Leone are also educated on both the positive and negative aspects of the internet and that being "connected" sometimes isn't as great as it seems.

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