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In the coming months, Neumate plans to use its new promoter platform to expand its reach and create a grassroots dating movement unlike any other.

The gig economy is a fast-growing sector with a lot of potential.

NMPs can generate a unique promo code to give out to anyone who’s interested in joining the dating site.

The team has launched a website,, to monitor its promoters’ referrals and pay commissions for purchases made using their custom promo codes.

Neumate too can review this data and determine how effective and trustworthy an NMP is.

Promoters do not have to be members of Neumate to earn commissions.

The Neumate team will review and approve all people who apply to become Neumate Promoters (NMPs).

All applicants must submit a valid driver’s licence, and the team may request an online or phone interview to ensure the person is serious about coming on board.

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