Datingforparent com diffusion measurements and the potassium argon method of dating

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But my number one gripe with this site is that they collaborate with other dating sites- so it is not just parents on there and able to contact u.Even though I tick yes for having children in my profile- I can't… one evening and they robbed me at press of a key nowhere near subs part and…Of course you have to be a "Full" member to read these.I decided to take the plunge and paid for a 6-month subscription only to find the messages were not private at all - they were the "Icebreaker" messages that Df P encourage you to make (Obviously knowing that people will then get the same notication message and be tempted to pay for membership).Read Full Review Before I had even finished typing and submitting my profile, I was emailed/winked at by several different people, all handsome young men in their 20's (I am in my forties) with profiles completely incompatible to mine. i was left vulnerable because my rural location was shown. Read Full Review Terrible Site, I signed up for the 3 month package and from the first visit to the site was unable to navigate any links.This is obviously a huge scam on the part of Datingfor Parents in the attempt to get people to subscribe and these profiles clearly do not exist. i could have had unwanted and random chancer visitors. subscribing was nt that easy and they made stopping subscriptions a nightmare. Each time I clicked any link it would take me to a blank white page with 'done' at the bottom.

However, they do give you some free 'ice breaker' type messages, so I deployed a few of them - and voila plenty of replies, which I couldn't read. Read Full Review Please steer well clear of this site or anything to do with Read Full Review Written on: 06/03/2016 Thank you for your review.I also signed up for the 3 day trial thinking that's what it was just a trial. When I first joined the site some years ago, I chatted to several real people and had a couple of dates, one with a lovely genuine lady with whom I had a relationship for 2 years.I discovered yesterday that they have taken almost £250 from my Pay Pal account since then. Sadly that came to an end and last year I resubscribed to Df P. It had changed completely to yet another fake profile, fake email bait and switch scam.Does anyone else here feel like jointly suing them for fraud ? Read Full Review Written on: 08/10/2012 I've just found that out for myself - joined the site free, set up profile and received email notifications stating I had received private messages.

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