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The courts ruled this as valid due to the reasoning that Leyland was indeed unfit physically rather than mentally.

This judgement was determined by inferring that genital surgery is similar to an amputation surgery, which leaves the individual unable to meet the demands of a soldier.

Some people have disagreed with these regulations and have taken the policy to court. Alexander (1981), the Army defends their policy of denying enlistment to transsexual persons by stating that supporting transsexuals would raise a medical problem.

The necessity of having hormone supplementation may not be available at certain placements this individual is placed. Orr (1987), where Air Force member Leyland, underwent a gender reassignment surgery before being discharged.

In 2013, she was reactivated and told her commanding officer that she would not return having to claim to be a male.

She took time off from the reserves to legally transition physically from male to female.

Medical care provided by the military did not cover hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. If the topic of trans-related issues arises then confidentiality is usually breached and notified to commands for further action.

If a person were to go through with a gender modification of some sort they'd be discharged or rejected from enlistment.

Most often, these women just received medical attention and were sent home.

However, in several instances, some women who had been disguised as male soldiers were punished or even imprisoned.

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