Dating spode pottery

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The Registered Number, usually written as Rd on the piece of pottery, gives the date when that design was registered to prevent copying, but it could have been made at any time later than that date.

Every painter, lithographer and gilder had their own mark. As in "am poorly bad and conna come t'werk" BAD IN BED AND WOSS UP Dialect. Application, by transfer print or slide litho, of a decorative badge or the company brand logo (the backstamp) to a pot.

Records of Worcester tableware marks were only published for the more expensive hand painted patterns which appeared randomly throughout the numbering sequence.However on some pieces the old dot sequence continued for a few years.It being easier and cheaper to put an extra dot on existing copper plates than make new ones.These continued until 1963 but their use was rather inconsistent and a great many pieces produced at this time are un-dated.This continued until 1963 when 13 dots are arranged around the W.

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