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He said it’s a matter of habits and he didn’t want to start that yet.He said that’s what he had to say on it but if I wanted to talk about it more, I should bring it up. To him, a sleepover might be the final step to commitment. He might even snore terribly and is really self-conscious about it. For most people who can fall asleep normally and sleep through the night with no problems, this situation might seem ridiculous.He did bring it up because he realizes I might think it is odd.He said he thinks it is better to be slower than faster with the sleepovers.Things are still going very well with my guy generally, but he’’ll never sleepover.We have been dating for about 3 months and see each other three times a week and have very good communication.You can casually mention how you could hear your dad snoring when you were young and it was comforting.Don’’t say this if in reality, you can’’t stand snoring.

I bought very expensive, very soft sheets and crawling into bed at night is a treat. The first time guy sleeps over is a milestone, true, but it also can be a great experience. Originally published on Singles Warehouse “Top 5 Tips For First Time Guy Sleeps Over” Happy Dating!Otherwise we are going for a long weekend in two weeks and he is very attentive, pays for everything still even if I offer. For an insomniac, this is a serious obstacle to a night’s sleep that will wreck the rest of his week.If that’’s true, then it really has nothing to do with you or your living situation.I would say we have had sex 70% of the time we meet up and started after 7th date. He has had two 4-year relationships and two 2-year ones with last one ending a year and a half before ours.I was out of the country for the holidays for about 10 days but we were in touch with messages every day and talked on the phone every other day.

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