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Time to meet people, get to know them, and do things with them.

Having the spare time to do this is important but so is emotional bandwidth.

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Datingnmore offers absoutely free Hong Kong dating, as well as many other singles in Ohio and all over the world.

Traveling is great and all but the less time you spend in Hong Kong means the less time you have to: I’m not being facetious with #3.

Not forgetting about them requires in real life (IRL) dates and a sense of momentum that is lost if you can’t see each other regularly (and without long gaps in between).

In contrast, the study found that 64 percent of males worldwide, compared with 32 percent of females, always experience orgasm during sex.” A more recent SCMP article cites a 2011 survey by City University: Hong Kong men were satisfied with having sex an average of 1.9 times a week, while women were content with 1.6 times a week Have I depressed you? However, you can’t just sit around and wait for someone to knock on your door – because that doesn’t happen in real life.

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And if the URL doesn’t scare you, maybe the article’s title will: Sex experts alarmed over Hong Kong ‘wasteland’.Talk to any single person in London, New York or Beijing (or any other city, village or town in the world for that matter) and they will tell you their location is The Worst when it comes to dating. Hong Kong is heaven for those who love to casually date but dating in Hong Kong is a special kind of hell for singles who no longer want to be single. Back in the day Hong Kong was considered a Plan B as per FILTH (failed in London, try Hong Kong) but nowadays Hong Kong is where the most hungry and driven people want to be.These are great qualities when career progress is a priority but not when we seek love because we’re always aiming for something out of reach.This is mostly because of people’s travel schedule but also because they have lots of after-workhours work to do (e.g.late-night conference calls because 10pm HKT is 3pm GMT and 10am EST) and all other gaps in their schedule are crammed with social activities and little time for dating.

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