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Peter doesn’t believe he can, so he starts rattling them off: “Ghost piperfish, grill fish, goaler fish, grouper fish, greenback...” Jack Mc Brayer’s character asks him, “What’s the state fish of Hawaii? For example, when Peter and Rachel are talking on the beach and her ex shows up and punches Peter in the face. Later, talking to Dwayne and Kunu, Peter says, “Did you see her ex-boyfriend?! ” The infinitely zen Dwayne simply says, “Who, Greg?I love Greg, man.” But Kunu says, “I saw him beat up a guy with a starfish.” Peter doesn’t believe him, saying, “Okay, that’s just ridiculous,” but then Kunu says, “That guy was me.” , Hill reduces the audience to hysterics the second we meet his character, Matthew, speaking to his friend on the phone at work: “Well, I would love to sell you some weed, Jeremy, but I’m at my f**king job right now.Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who's devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him. Finally, his step-brother Brian suggests a vacation, so Peter heads for a resort on Oahu where, as he's checking in, he sees Sarah and her new beau, Aldous, a perverse English rocker.The weeping and moping start again, until Peter is rescued by Rachel, a thoughtful hotel clerk who invites him to a luau and to hang out. How can a mobile phone have an agenda and kill people...Lifelong platonic friends Zack and Miri look to solve their respective cash-flow problems by making an adult film together.

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So, I can’t just leave here and sell you some weed.

I can sell you some weed when I’m done.” When Peter first realizes that Sarah is at the hotel he’s staying at with her new boyfriend, none other than rock god Aldous Snow, Aldous undercuts the tension in the room by rambling about his shoe: “I’ve lost a shoe." Have you seen it anywhere?

It’s like this one, but obviously, it’s, um, the opposite of, um...” Then he notices Rachel isn’t paying attention and says, “Excuse me, Missus? Sort of like the exact opposite of this one, in fact.

An example of this is when Aldous washes up on the shore with coral jammed in his bloody leg.

He tells Kunu to call someone to help him and Kunu simply says, “You sound like you’re from London!

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