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We even had the first ever marriage from speed dating in the UK, back in 2004.Not only that but our events are fun and very popular!They facilitate you making new connections, are there to chat with (because they love it, not because we think you need help, but they can help too), and are generally awesome people. BLISS - Bonding, Learning, Inspiring, Self-Care, Sisterhood.Women's Empowerium 2 day women's empowerment workshop weekend with 5 expert speakers sharing their teachings in: Financial Independence Achieving your Vision Sexual Confidence Dating and Relationships Communication and Emotional Wellbeing WHAT IS INCLUDED?Friday Night Drink & Mingle is a low-key relaxed way to meet some new friends and get your flirt on. Friday Singles Drink & Mingle is the cheap and cheerful Sen Option for folk wanting to get out either on a budget, or who want to just chill out with other new people without the match cards or pressure of having to talk to people on a 7 minute timer.

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After the event, log in to the website and make your selections online of who you'd like to see again and by the end of the following day you'll find out who you mutually matched with.

MUSICIAN IN FOCUS Every month at Friday Mingles we showcase a different local musician giving an amazing sample of the extraordinary variety of talent that Newcastle has to offer!

Come along each month to be delighted by a new musician and support local artists.

These events are just as much about helping you find love as they are about spreading kindness, making friends, expanding your networks and having a really fun time. WHAT YOUR RSVP MEANS- Meet Up is only one place these events are promoted and the ticket sales are made through the main SEN website- so the RSVP numbers are not indicative of the number of people going.- No one has access to the attendee list except myself and I will not make it public.- It is important that all attendees who choose to remain anonymous to protect both their privacy and personal safety are allowed to do so.- RSVPing does not in any way guarantee you a place at the event- most people who RSVP don't come, so unless you've spoken to me directly or purchased a ticket through the SEN website your place will not be reserved.- If we are short on people in the lead up to the event I will reach out to the RSVP list and double check with them but otherwise I will assume you're not coming.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENTSEN does not tolerate prejudice or bullying of any kind so, like the Spider Pigs, you get a single warning if your behaviour is not acceptable any further problematic behaviour will result in immediate removal from the group and banning from all SEN events.

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