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The answer was a resounding, "It doesn't." The secret to this successful dating simulator just might have to do with the fact that it focuses on being heartfelt rather than horny.

It's a surprisingly relatable game, which has resulted in such mainstream popularity that a new version was released for the Nintendo Switch last month. Plus, the synthy theme song written by Culver City-based electronic musician Baths ended up as one of Pitchfork's top songs of the year.

Much of "Dream Daddy" provides a refreshing take on male bonding, and several of its emotionally touching moments also have to do with trying to be a good father.

Your character spends a lot of time with his daughter, Amanda, as she deals with high school drama and gets ready to head off to college.

I grew to love ruffling her hair and making corny jokes that embarrassed her.

I had this weird parental instinct for Amanda, and I really wanted to make her happy." There's even a moment of a proud dad crying when the other dads say Amanda is a role model for their daughters.

That said, your character also has just as much to learn from her, too.

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