Dating he stopped talking to me

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The goal is to understand whether this behavior is typical or if there is something wrong (like he is hiding something from you).If it’s a new relationship you might not understand all of their mannerisms and traits yet, so give it some time.Don’t go beating yourself up because you were really hoping this one would work out.It may make no sense to you why the conversation stopped and yes we would all love to have a better understanding of why things go wrong.Sometimes it can be something so simple yet you allow your fear and doubt to insert all types of negative scenarios in your head.It isn’t worth to play the guessing game and it is simply a waste of your time. On the flip side let’s say you reach out to him (or not) and you never hear back from him.Sitting back in doubt, confusion, and misery isn’t going to produce anything positive.Taking a positive and more direct approach will make things a lot clearer.

So if he stopped calling, and you don’t know why…just go ask him.

This can cause stress in a relationship and make you question whether or not something is wrong.

Pushing him to talk will typically make things worse, so you need to take a different approach.

Stop trying to calculate your moves and hold back how you genuinely feel about a situation. A man who is genuinely interested in you would appreciate that approach.

He would want you to come to him instead of staying mad and quiet.

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