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For over six decades, Fire King International has been providing high-quality products designed to protect your company's vital business records.Fire King offers a broad array of products that are manufactured or created using the most innovative, advanced product development technology available.Over this period of time Fire King has developed a number of innovative advancements in both products and processes.

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(For comparison, the set of four bowls in the upper left-hand corner of the next slide goes for about 0). Batter bowl: This spouted number is one of the most frequently reproduced pieces of Jadeite.In fact, the single-item variety could be found anywhere from grocery stores, gas stations and hardware stores.One production company even went so far as to give away a free glassware piece with every bag of flour sold – talk about an amazing freebie!In 1933, with the Great Depression at its height, consumers were on the hunt for affordable kitchen and dishwares.Pennsylvania's Mc Kee Glass Company added green scrap glass to its opaque formula, producing an inexpensive product with a novel color that satisfied that demand.

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